Buyer’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I start in the process of building a new home?

A: The best place to start is to get an idea of what price range you qualify for in a new home. Nothing could be more discouraging to you as a new home shopper than to fall in love with a particular model home and then discover it is out of your price range. On the other hand, interest rates are still very favorable, and you may be able to afford more home than you think. We work with several excellent lenders in Lubbock and can refer you them to help you determine a price range where you will be comfortable.

Q: What happens next?

A: Once you are armed with information on what you can afford, it is time to sit down with us and discuss what you are looking for in your new home—neighborhoods and school districts, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, eating areas, outdoor living areas, a basement, etc. We can then modify one of our stock plans to meet your needs or design your new home from the ground up. Either way, you’ll have a home design based on what you want rather than on what we want to build! Once we have a preliminary design, we can begin to answer the next question.

Q: How much will my new custom home cost?

A: That is a good question, and the only honest answer is “it depends”. Depending on the neighborhood you choose, we can make educated guesses based on historical price-per-square-foot estimates for the area. However, it is very likely want to customize your new home to your personal tastes and preferences with respect to façade materials, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, hardware, carpeting, tile, etc. We’ll work with you to establish realistic budget allowances in these areas to help guide your choices so you can personalize your home without blowing your budget. At Court Holmberg Homes, we work closely with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure there are no surprises. Once we’ve established a preliminary design and arrived at final pricing figures, it will be time to generate a contract and begin the building process in earnest.

Q: How long does a new home take to build?

A: This depends not only on the size and features of the home, but other factors such as weather and the availability of materials and subcontractors. At Court Holmberg Homes, we take enough time to ensure we have the right people to do the job, and we give them enough time to do the job right. That said, we typically can finish most homes in four to six months.

Q: Where can you build?

A: At the current time we are focused primarily on Bacon Crest and Reunion Park, but we are willing to build in any neighborhood in Lubbock where lots are available. We will also build in surrounding towns or on your own lot.

Q: What kind of deposit do you require?

A: Our standard deposit for new construction starts at $2500.00. We reserve the right to request a larger deposit on a home that is customized in unconventional ways, but it will never exceed the 3-1/2% minimum down payment set by the Federal Housing Administration for government backed loans.

Q: Can I do work on my own home?

A: In general, the answer here is no, but this is another question where the honest answer is “it depends”. In most cases, we would defer to our third-party warranty insurer, Bonded Builders Warranty Group, to ensure their willingness to insure the warranty of work done by the homeowner.

Q: Can I visit my home while under construction?

A: Yes. We encourage our clients to visit the construction site to meet our subcontractors and see how we are progressing…within reason. Our subcontractors are very proud of their work and typically enjoy explaining what they are doing to our clients! That said, construction sites can be somewhat dangerous for the average person. Therefore, our representatives are willing to meet with you regularly to discuss your new home’s progress and explain what you are seeing.

Q: When can I move into my new home?

A: This detail is typically spelled out in your contract, but it is typically after all funds have been dispersed by the closing title company. In some cases, we can amend your contract with a standard temporary lease agreement that spells out the necessary conditions.
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